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perl-Devel-StackTrace - Perl module implementing stack trace and stack trace frame objects

Website: http://search.cpan.org/dist/Devel-StackTrace
License: GPL+ or Artistic
Vendor: Fedora Project
The Devel::StackTrace module contains two classes, Devel::StackTrace
and Devel::StackTraceFrame.  The goal of this object is to encapsulate
the information that can found through using the caller() function, as
well as providing a simple interface to this data.

The Devel::StackTrace object contains a set of Devel::StackTraceFrame
objects, one for each level of the stack.  The frames contain all the
data available from caller() as of Perl 5.6.0.


perl-Devel-StackTrace-1.22-1.el4.noarch [26 KiB] Changelog by Paul Howarth (2011-02-19):
- Update to 1.22:
  - Add frame-filter option (CPAN RT#47415)
  - Fix crash with respect_overload (CPAN RT#39533)
  - Use overload::AddrRef rather than overload::StrVal for better compatibility
    with older Perls, such as 5.8.5 (CPAN RT#47900)
- BR: perl(Test::Pod::Coverage) and set IS_MAINTAINER for extra test coverage
- Expand tabs to placate rpmlint

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