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perl-Test-HasVersion - Check Perl modules have version numbers

Website: http://search.cpan.org/dist/Test-HasVersion/
License: GPL+ or Artistic
Vendor: Fedora Project
Do you wanna check that every one of your Perl modules in a distribution
has a version number? You wanna make sure you don't forget the brand new
modules you just added? Well, that's the module you have been looking
for. Use it!


perl-Test-HasVersion-0.012-3.el4.noarch [10 KiB] Changelog by Paul Howarth (2011-08-10):
- Changes for EPEL-4/5 compatibility:
  - Add BuildRoot
  - Add %clean and clean buildroot at start of %install
  - Drop perl(Test::Builder::Tester) version requirement to 1.01
- Remove unnecessary runtime dependency on perl(Test::Builder::Tester)

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