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plpa-libs - Portable Linux Processor Affinity Libraries

Website: http://www.open-mpi.org/projects/plpa/
License: BSD and AMDPLPA
Vendor: Fedora Project
PLPA is an attempt to solve the problem that there are multiple API's for
processor affinity within Linux. Specifically, the functions sched_setaffinity()
and sched_getaffinity() have numbers and types of parameters depending on your
Linux vendor and/or version of GLibc. This is quite problematic for applications
attempting to use processor affinity in Linux for compile-time, link-time,
and run-time reasons.

plpa-libs contains runtime libraries.


plpa-libs-1.3.2-4.el4.i386 [23 KiB] Changelog by Steve Traylen (2010-01-16):
- RHEL does not contain valgrind-devel as Fedora does.

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